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Do You Dream?

Are you ever afraid… Of your own voice? Your own words? Your own thoughts? Your anger? I’ve been taught To be afraid… Of my anger Of my thoughts Of my words Of my voice Are you afraid… To go outside… Continue Reading →

Grace in Beauty

Beauty. I’ve spent my life in pursuit of beauty. Gazing at it, studying it, working to create it in one form or another. I bring costuming visions to life and help people realize their own beauty. Fashion was my first… Continue Reading →

Backyard Superheroes

Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Batman, Storm, Rogue, Spiderman, Superman, Kitty Pryde, Bionic Woman and Bionic Man– heroes a child could find in popular culture, not just in comic books, in the late 70’s and early 80’s. As children, we wore all… Continue Reading →

Golden Memories

From springtime through the summer and on into the deepening golden days of fall, she was out in her gardens. Demeter, spreading sunshine and flowers wherever she walked. Even in winter, sunlight and warmth radiated from her presence. Children and… Continue Reading →

This is Me

Last night in the mirror I saw her again. The other, stronger, edgier me. The one who is comfortable in her skin. The one who loves herself unconditionally. She is the one who loves ME unconditionally. She loved me enough… Continue Reading →


Cold and moonless night Silent souls circling bereft Lost and lonely disconnect See the spiraling sparks Familiar kindred flames The gathered kin knowing your name Brightly burning fires Hearts join the dance Wild and free and inspired Long forgotten meanings… Continue Reading →

And She Danced

“…(she) dances in heaven now…. Aldeane loved to sing and dance, although she had a husband and son with two left feet.”–Bill Stanley (from her obituary) There has never been a time in my life without music. My mother loved… Continue Reading →

My Thanksgiving Prayer

For the first time in my life, the Winter Holidays are a thing I’ve dreaded almost all year. Working, staying busy constantly, so I would not have time to think about the end of the year and how it would… Continue Reading →

me too

Yeah. I know this is already a thing you may be tired of seeing on your social media feed. I’m tired of seeing it too. I’m tired of knowing that so many of my sisters–AND BROTHERS- out there have been… Continue Reading →

Jumbled Thoughts

Thoughts jumbled Voices mumble Feelings rumble World crumbles… This sums up how my year has gone so far. Just before the turn of the year, Grandmother fell and broke her hip. I knew in my heart somehow that this was… Continue Reading →

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