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Musical Monologues

This is my original poetry, fitting often into multiple categories and tags.

Battle Cry

***A battle cry for all of us — for survivors of abuse, rape, harassment, violence and more; for LGBTQ family and friends; for all the victims of racism and victims of fear and ignorance. Rise. Stand. March. Scream. Vote.  … Continue Reading →

Do You Dream?

Are you ever afraid… Of your own voice? Your own words? Your own thoughts? Your anger? I’ve been taught To be afraid… Of my anger Of my thoughts Of my words Of my voice Are you afraid… To go outside… Continue Reading →

Persephone Slept On

Persephone slept Through Spring Birds and Flowers Forgot To bloom and sing Gray skies wept Demeter’s mournful tears Frozen underground Winter months Turned into years

Anatomy of a Flashback

  Scared Body trembling Tremors, shivers Cold, not cold Alone in my head With memories Filling my body Can’t breathe Wild eyed Chest tightening Dissociating Dizzy, falling feeling Confusion, chaos Dissolving, distrusting Destabilized, disorder Drowning, smothering Fighting, clawing, crying Lost,… Continue Reading →

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