First Jumble

For some time now, I’ve been feeling a need to write and share my thoughts and observations. Facebook is often too harsh an environment for deeper sharing, so here I am. Sharing.
I don’t feel that I’m a writer exactly, but I do have things I wish and need to express. For now, this space will serve as journal for my jumbled thoughts and disjointed daydreams. If you’re here looking for perfection, you’re in the wrong blog. If you’re looking for honesty and vulnerability, the memories and mayhem of family stories-not always happy-then grab a cup of tea and read on.
I cannot promise to post with regularity for now-life gets in the way-but I will do my best to keep up.
My goals for this journey are to share some parts of myself not often seen by those around me. The worlds inside that want to come out and invite you in. And I also need to process the recent loss of my Grandmother-sharing the many memories and stories that made me and that are, even now, making my children who they are and will become.
Thanks for joining me.

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